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As you may know, we are currently living and working in New York when we’re not in Waco, TX.
But  we went to Los Angeles recently to meet really interesting people for the movie. Everything went as planned, or even better than we thought! These interviews will definitely be an important part of the documentary.

We would like to tell you so much more about it – especially the last one which took place in the middle of the night and almost made us miss our plane to New York. But we caught it in the last minute and are so happy for the new material.

Some pictures from our trip:













We got a scholarship!

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The filming continues.
We’ve been in Waco twice and are now planning a third trip in just a few weeks.

We want to thank Scandinavian Photo, a photo store in Stockholm, for making this possible. They awarded us a scholarship for best movie idea in their contest earlier this year. The money is a great contribution, but we’re almost even happier about the fact that someone else believes in this idea as much as we do!


Skärmavbild 2015-10-27 kl. 14.13.15

Above is their motivation for the award in Swedish.

“After just 10 seconds, we’re hooked. Everything’s there – the feeling, editing, sound and cinematography. It’s with great honor that we award Emelie and Karin our movie scholarship, to continue working on the project about the moving and tragic events surrounding David Koresh.”


We are so grateful for this and know it’ll make a huge differance. Thank you for believing in us!